Fitness Class Information

At Arachnid Martial Arts Academy, we pride ourselves on having up to date knowledge AND equipment. Our fitness classes run EVERY WEEKDAY at 9:15am and also Saturday mornings at 10:30!

Mondays we train BIKEKICKBOX; a combination of a spin class and a fitness kickboxing class. 5 rounds on the spin bike and 5 rounds on a mix of the focus mitts or kick shield. Punching, kicking, kneeing and various body weight exercises are what you can expect at this class.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we offer our famous "F.A.S.T." class which stands for Fitness and Strength Training. want a challenge? this is for you! Pyramids, HIIT, circuit training, weights. we like to mix it up!

Fridays is a kickboxing for fitness class where you will partner off and have various drills to repeat for two minutes at a time. if you want cardio, check this class!

Our fully qualified personal trainers know what it takes to push you to your limits while encouraging you to reach those goals. Call in and see for yourself why we are the go to club for group fitness in the area.